You may have noticed some changes to Compound Crossfit recently.

New equipment, new layout, new color scheme, and an overall newer feel. All this new comes to us complements of a new partnership.

For years, Tara Viot has been a dedicated member of Compound Crossfit. She is one of those members who goes above and beyond stepping up to volunteer with seasonal programs, gym events, anything needing a good spreadsheet, and even measuring the sweaty guy bodies during challenges. She’s a sport.

What you may not know about Tara is that in addition to raising two awesome kids (and a full grown husband), she has been passionate about fitness forever and shes a dynamo in the workplace. After serving for four years as a badass radar technician on the freaking Airborne Warning and Control System for the United States Air Force in Japan, Tara has been a boss at all things business.


After Tara left the USAF, she moved to Okinawa where she was a Program Manager for the Marine Corps Community Service where she managed the staff, budget, human resources, and marketing. She was also a tour guide for the organization, offering unique experiences for visitors to Okinawa, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bali, Australia, Thailand, China, and Korea.


For the last 13 years, Tara has been managing a staff of 30+, as well as overseeing human resources, patient care/satisfaction, budget and finance, facility operations, merchandising, and marketing for a large medical practice in the area.


Tara’s passion for Crossfit and strong business background have come to a synchronistic crossroad. When she approached Ryan about the possibility of working together at the Compound, Ryan knew without a doubt that the KNUTSON/VIOT ticket was a winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are so excited to announce the Compound Crossfit partnership between Ryan Knutson and Tara Viot.


Congratulations Ryan and Tara – we are so excited to see this continued evolution.


So far – Sooo Awesome!


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