Personal Training


Compound Crossfit is now offering personal training sessions with Head Coach/Owner Ryan Knutson. These sessions will be one hour long, one on one, customized workouts for your personal goals and toning targeted areas. Personal training sessions are ideal for clients with prior/current injury, unique class times and new clients that have never done Crossfit before. These sessions will also benefit existing members because the intensity level of the class can be altered to your needs. We can work on a variety of concepts including: Strength, Speed, Cardio, Agility, Gymnastics, Olympic lifting, Mobility, Core, Nutrition advice and many more. These sessions will be available for sign up in one hour blocks Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 11am-2pm. Sign up sheet is under personal training tab at the top of the page. Sign up or call 757-656-9348 to schedule your first personal training session!

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