Nutrition Coaching Program Now Offered!

We are proud to announce we now offer nutrition coaching at the gym! This is for members of the gym as well as non-members.

In a nutshell, it is a customized meal plan with the added accountability from your nutrition coach. For most of us, the hardest part is consistency and staying on track. With a coach in your corner and weekly meetings, it is a recipe for success if you have been struggling to meet your nutrition goals.

Each client starts with a free Hungry for Help intro, a 10-15 minute meeting to get to know each other and help direct you on the program we see fits your goals.

From there, we schedule your initial consultation. This will be 60 minutes with your coach, setting everything up, getting your customized meal plan, biometric tracking, and everything else you need to know moving forward.

All of the pricing and details can be found in the nutrition tab on the menu of our website. If you’d like to schedule your Hungry for Help intro, please email so we can help find the right program to fit your needs!

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