Week of June 5- June 9

RETEST WEEK for Bench and Back Squat! šŸ™‚ And some skill work for butterfly pull ups and double under work! Hope you guys are ready for another week to smash… Can’t wait to see those PRs for our 1RMs!

Week of May 29-June 2

This will be a lighter/deload week in order to recover from Murph…then next week we will re-test our 1RMs on the back squat and the bench press! Iā€™m looking forward to some big numbers!!!Ā 😁

MEMORIAL DAY- Monday, May 29th

Join us on Memorial Day, Monday, May 29th at 930AM for a partner workout! Members… please feel free to bring anyone who would love to get a workout in with you. Or if you are looking to start your Memorial Day off with a workout, it is free and open to the public to join us on Memorial Day!

Please note: 930AM is the ONLY class time available on Monday. Normal class schedule will resume on Tuesday, May 30!

Week of May 22 – May 26

Final week of Murph prep and a new “Revovery” option on Thursday (also to get ready for Murph).Ā  Don’t miss out on Saturday’s Murph heats…sign up now and join us for the after-party cookout!

Week of May 15- May 18

We’ve got a little bit of everything for you this week including a benchmark workout, past Open test with some post workout strength & Murph prep! Who’s ready for a great week?!

Week of May 1 ā€“ May 5

Oh boy do WE have a great week for you all! This week was our first coach collaboration on programming (since pandemic times)…I think you will enjoy what the coaching staff has come up with! Yay Teamwork!!! 💪

Week of April 24 – April 28

Old school “Nancy” on Tuesday and brand new movements on Wednesday/Friday! I can’t wait…see everyone on Monday!!! 😃